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LabSoft Update

From here you can update both Labsoft and the Labsoft courses installed on your computer.

The "LN LabSoft Updater" program keeps LabSoft and all the LabSoft courses on your computer up to date. It also offers the alternative of downloading ISO image files to recreate the original installation CD/DVD for the courses you have installed. This makes it possible to install courses on computers with no internet access or even to add courses in different languages. In addition, ISO images also include sample solutions for the courses concerned.

Please read carefully the following information on how to carry out an update before starting the update procedure.


In order for the program to work, you need a fast internet connection and a Windows user account which allows files to be downloaded and installed (Windows account with administrator rights).


The "LN LabSoft Updater" program detects the versions of Labsoft itself and of courses installed on your computer. It then displays any updates, which may be available for those versions. There are then two options for the actual update procedure:

  • Updates for courses installed on the computer
  • Creation of an installation medium (original installation CD/DVD)

The first of these options provides you with a list of all the updates available for the courses installed. Such updates may contain corrections and/or amendments to the existing files for the courses. For some courses, ongoing development has involved amendments to the course hardware or complete upgrading of the course software. Updates are not offered for those courses.

The second provides a list of ISO images which can be downloaded in order to generate up-to-date copies of the installation CD/DVD for all the courses installed. This allows you to install courses on computers with no internet access. This procedure also makes it possible to install newly written language versions for a course.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This option also includes courses which have undergone an upgrade (modifications to course hardware or complete rewriting of the course software). For this reason, it may be necessary in some cases to make a test installation to check whether it makes sense for you to install such an upgrade. However, this only applies to very few courses.

Next you can select the updates/download files, you wish to install. Those components selected are then downloaded and installed by the program.

NOTE: Updates are not available for some older software packages.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Where courses are installed in a network, the update needs to be carried out using the same computer which was used for the initial installation of the courses. Attempting this from any other computer will result in the courses not being detected, meaning that they cannot be updated.

Running an update

Click the button labelled "Run Update", as shown below, in order to start the update program.


Run update


In Internet Explorer a dialog bar for file download will appear. Click "Run" to start the update. Depending on how your computer is set up, you may need to temporarily disable your virus protection program for the duration of the procedure.




If Smart Screen Filter is activated, the following message may be among those displayed.



Click "Actions" and when the next window opens, select "More Options" and "Run anyway", to allow the program to run.

If you are using another browser (e.g. Firefox, Chrome) you will need to download the program first and then run it by double clicking the file.

If the user account management window appears, click "Yes". If your account does not have administrator rights, you will also have to enter a user name and password for an account which does have them.



On the start page of the update program, you should click "Next". You can then specify the type of update on the following page.

Select the requisite option

I wish to apply updates for the installed software and courses"

LabSoft itself and the courses installed on your computer can then be updated. The program will determine which courses are installed and will list any available update versions for them for selection in the following window. Select the components you wish to update and click "Next".

NOTE: Updates are not available for some older software packages.




If you select the alternative option:

"I wish to download an image file for generating a copy of an installation medium for an installed course"

This allows you to download ISO images for copying the installations CDs for the selected courses. These ISO files allow you to generate copies of the installations CDs/DVDs, meaning you can update courses on other computers or install versions of the courses in new languages. The program will detect all the courses installed on your own computer and will provide a choice of ISO files for downloading in the following window. Select the courses for which, you want to make an installation CD/DVD and click "Next".




Note: Each of the ISO images contains an up-to-date version of LabSoft.

Depending on the options selected, either Labsoft itself and the selected courses will now be updated directly on your computer or the chosen ISO files will be downloaded. After the update procedure or download is complete, click "Finish" in order to exit the program.

Note: Once you have downloaded an ISO image, if you have Windows 7, you can simply click the right mouse button on the file and click the menu option "Open with...", then select , Windows Disc Image Burner to make an installation CD/DVD.

Under Windows XP you may need to employ a CD burning program (e.g. Nero). Under Windows 8 you can carry out an installation directly from the ISO file.