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SybaPlanning - Laboratory planning tools

Sybaplanning - Laboratory planning tools

The user-friendly laboratory planning tools from Lucas-Nülle open up a new dimension in the planning and configuration of technical laboratories.


The online room planning software pCon.planner and the EKK power outlet configuration program are easy-to-use tools with which you can plan innovative labs and view them in a 3D representation.


The pCon.planner room planning software is linked to an online catalogue of Lucas-Nülle laboratory systems. It supports a variety of output formats and can be exported as 2D or 3D projects to well known graphics programs. It is even possible to see a 3D visualisation of a planned laboratory from multiple views, including a “fly-over”.


The EKK power outlet configuration tool makes it easy to plan the power supply fitting for a laboratory bench. Various equipment and systems can be individually added and put together to match the needs of the laboratory in question. By means of a built-in database of Lucas-Nülle’s "SybaPower" laboratory power supply systems, any of the products from Lucas-Nülle’s range may be used.