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“Escuela Politécnica Nacional” promotes the Smart Grid in Ecuador

“Escuela Politécnica Nacional” promotes the Smart Grid in Ecuador

Lucas-Nülle is a key part of the research drive

Escuela Politécnica Nacional (EPN) in Quito is currently focusing on the Smart Grid and has installed a Lucas-Nülle laboratory. The public university has just been recognized by the ‘Times Higher Education’ magazine as one of the best in South America.

Lucas-Nülle is a key part of the research drive

As Europe and North America are taking the first steps towards implementing smart grids, the subject is also gaining ever more attention in South America. In Ecuador, the EPN in Quito is at the forefront of this development. The public university has opted for a laboratory from Lucas-Nülle to allow the subject to be studied and explored in a practically orientated way.

Marcelo Pozo, a professor at the EPN and head of the new laboratory, told daily paper ‘El Telégrafo’: “The training systems enable us to perform tests and simulations in smart grids. The idea is to carry out network tests to anticipate future problems and at the same time find solutions.” The laboratory also features training systems on the subject of power generation, power transmission and consumption as well as cyber security. “The focus is on efficient use of alternative energy sources; in other words, hydropower plants, wind energy and photovoltaics,” Pozo explains.

A successful partnership

Lucas-Nülle supported the project at every stage, from planning the laboratory in 3D – with the aim of making optimal use of the premises – to training the professors and students in Spanish, which was done by LN trainers Marcela Isaza and Fabian Schwarz. Columbian Marcela Isaza says of the training: “The participants were very committed and quickly got the hang of operating the systems. The students in Quito are now well prepared for the future challenges associated with smart grids. Of course, we will continue to be happy to help if there are any questions.”

Besides Professor Marcelo Pozo, the students, too, were very impressed by the new equipment: “I wish I’d had access to Lucas-Nülle’s training systems earlier in my studies,” Andrés Ayala told ‘El Telégrafo’. “It would have saved me a lot of time.”

International acclaim for public university

In July 2017, the public university hit the headlines beyond Ecuador when it was rated as one of the best in South America by the renowned ‘Times Higher Education Ranking’. In particular, the journalists commended the high level of research activity among the professors and students.